Angela Thompson
Lesson Parent

After about a year of beginner rider lessons (with an amazing teacher) we started getting lessons from Marie Stephenson for our almost 7 yr old daughter. She hopped on her own horse, showed her how to sit, how to move and how to ride like a cowgirl.

From there it was “meant to be”.

Marie has been an invaluable person in our life. She has guided our daughter, taught our daughter, loved on our daughter far more than just sitting on a saddle. She has brought out the confidence & determination that was hidden under our shy girls exterior. As a family we were completely “green” in this area and knew very little about what the lifestyle entails. But we have always been treated with kindness, patience & welcoming arms. And now 2 years later we have bought a beautiful mare from Marie who is a perfect match for our little girl. Marie continues to teach our daughter & always cheers her on at every competition as loudly as she can. She answers our questions, no matter how many times we ask it, and she looks out for our horse when we are needing a second eye. Most importantly, she tells me to “breathe mama” when my 9 year-old is going crazy mph around 3 barrels.

We owe her alot.

For the happiness and togetherness she has fostered for our family can never ever be undone!

Tiffany & Aslyn Hunter
Former Boarders

I boarded my horse at MNC for several years and had a lovely experience. The staff was always so helpful and nice to me. MNC not only was where we boarded our horse but it was our community. We have met so many life-long friends and MNC became our home away from home. Although we were sad to leave because we moved, we often visit when we are in town and are greeted with the same hospitality that we received when we were boarding there!